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Download More Activity & Tree Planting Guides

Thank you for participating in National Wildlife Federation's Tree for Wildlife Program.  The Activities guides provide you with a series of lessons (age-appropriate) for use with a group or in a one-on-one mentoring relationship.

The guides are designed to introduce students concepts of:

  • Understand what a tree is, its parts, and its function
  • Introduce why trees are important for their environment (air and water quality, shade and shelter)
  • Discuss what resources come from trees
  • Determine what we can do to improve our environment and make a difference locally and globally
  • Use multiple discipline approach to exploring the concepts (English, Science, Math, Technology, etc.)


Activity Guides

To download the PDF, please click on the specific age group under the different available activity guides.

Group Activity Guides (Designed for group settings of 5-30 individuals)

Mentor Activity Guides (Designed for One-on-one; adult and child)


Additional Resources

Step by Step Tree Planting how to guides from identifying a location to caring for the tree once planted.

More Activities Ideas to Engage Students

Extension Activities (Additional opportunities for students to get outdoors and engage in their environment)

Helping Wildlife Helps Trees
Great Horned Owl 

Symbolically adopting wildlife helps support our Trees for Wildlife Program

Learn more about the wildlife that rely on trees >>

What's Your Zone?
USDA Hardiness Zone Map 

Wondering what plants can survive in your region?

Use the USDA's hardiness zone map to find out which plants are ideal for planting in your area.

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