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have a brand new program that can help you:

1. Attract New Audiences
  • Access millions of dedicated members and supporters of the National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick Magazine, as well as the 4-5 million strong, geocaching community.

 2. Connect People with Nature

  • The activity of geocaching is working to get more people outdoors. Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails helps kids and parents connect with the natural world by featuring animal-themed mysteries to solve, as well as “More to Explore” nature activities, that enhance the adventure and inspire a love for wildlife. 
3. Offer A New Kind Of Adventure
  • Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails combine the high-tech treasure hunt, known as geocaching, with family fun and wildlife learning. Kids and parents will enjoy learning basic GPS technology and the thrill of discovering hidden “treasure” in the great outdoors. Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails can also be a great tool for teaching navigation and the natural sciences.
4.  Show Off Your PropertyBoy reading GPS unit while geocaching on Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails
  •  Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails can be used to highlight special areas of your property. Is there a place on your site that you want to show off or wish more people would visit? How you set up your geocache trail is up to you, so use it to your advantage!
5. Be Part Of The Community, Get Noticed
  • As a Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails host, you will be a part of a national network of trails, accessed and promoted online through RangerRickTrails.com and Geocaching.com.
  • Benefit from the online geocaching community. Each time people find your geocaches, they will “log” that they found it, and include information about their experiences, online.
  • Geocaches are also an excellent way to get a message out. Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails welcome you to include your own educational or promotional materials for people to discover.

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Who is Ranger Rick?

Ranger Rick with a camera

  • Ranger Rick has been inspiring America’s youth to know and love wildlife for over 40 years.
  • Ranger Rick magazine, published by the National Wildlife Federation, is a wildlife-focused publication for ages 7 and up
  • What is Geocaching?

  • A free high-tech treasure hunt
  • GPS coordinates are used to locate hidden containers outdoors
  • Engages 4 million people +
  • More than 1.2 million geocaches in the world
  • Geocachers use a handheld GPS device or SmartPhone
  • Geocaches contain a log book for geocachers to sign
  • Geocaches can contain items for trading
  • Learn more at GEOCACHING.COM.

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