April 2015


Have Fun in Any Weather

The Forecast Calls for PLAY!

Don't Be a Fair-Weathered Friend to Nature

Kids Jumping Outside

It might be raining cats and dogs out there, but that doesn't mean outdoor playtime is off limits. Be Out There's trusty weather report might have you thinking twice about keeping your kids indoors.

In our latest parent guide, we'll reveal how getting outside, no matter the weather, is beneficial to your family.

All the Fuss About the Weather

The weather: it's what we talk about when there's nothing else to say. But weather is far more important than we think. Far from just a polite conversation starter, weather is preventing American kids from doing an activity that is no-cost, really good for them, and right outside their doors: spending daily time outside. In this report, we'll address common parent concerns about inclement weather and provide helpful information so kids can be out there with confidence.

Don't Rain on My Parade

Parents of young children often keep a running list of "rainy day activities," crafts, or games to do indoors when the forecast is soggy. How many include playing outside on that list? For those who don't, perhaps worries about wet weather making kids sick or getting caught in a storm--or even messing up the carpets--figure in. But if your kids have never dodged rain drops, jumped in a puddle or sang in the rain, they're missing out on something wonderful. 

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

How hot is too hot? With summer temperatures reaching 90 degrees and triple digits starting in late may or early June in some parts of the country, how do you know if it's safe to take kids outdoors to play? With extreme heat comes increasing risks of heat-related health problems such as heat stroke and sunburn. Get tips for outdoor play even when the temperature is rising.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Moms and dads can be reluctant to send kids outside when temperatures drop. Myths about cold and illness, concerns about safety and preparedness, and ignorance of the mental, as well as physical, health benefits to year-round outdoor play combine to make moms and dads think twice about braving the elements. However, it is just as important to get outdoor playtime in the winter as it is in any other season.

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