April 2015


Get Your Family’s Garden Growing

Step-by-step guide for novice gardeners and their handy helpers

Step-by-step guide for novice gardeners and their handy helpers

gardening kidDo you want to garden but fear you lack a “green thumb”? Not sure how to begin? Feel too busy to start and maintain a garden?

Fear not! Even if you’ve never gardened, or only have space for containers, there are simple and fun ways to get your family gardening together. You’ll enjoy growing your own food and flowers, spending quality family time outside, and helping provide food and shelter for local wildlife.

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Inside the Get Your Family's Garden Growing guide:

6 Simple Steps to Gardening Success

  1. Plan your space and what to plant
  2. Shop, Swap & Borrow tools, seeds, and starter plants
  3. Prepare soil for planting
  4. Plant what you'd like to grow
  5. Maintain by watering and weeding regularly
  6. Enjoy the fruits (vegetables and flowers) of your labor!

Tons of Tips & Activities

  • How you can fit each step into your schedule
  • Advice from parents on how they do it
  • Tips for small-space gardening like porches and patios
  • Ideas to get kids involved like choosing plants and lots of digging!
  • Ways to save money on plants and tools
  • Insight on what plants to grow
  • Lots of activities for kids in the garden: painting, planting, pizza gardens and so much more!

Other Helpful Resources for Gardening with Kids

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