Mountain Lion

Cougars Don't Have Crossing Guards

Mountain lions living near the Los Angeles area need a safe crossing over highway 101 to ensure their survival. We're working to make that happen.

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Our Work
Our Work in the Sunshine State

California and its diverse communities play a critical role in building a stronger conservation movement. Our initiatives are designed to help both the wildlife and people of California thrive.

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California's Wildlife
Pika holding leaf
Learn About California's Wildlife

A variety of remarkable wildlife species live in the Golden State — from the adorable pika to the majestic mountain lion!

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Featured Action
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Speak up for Mountain Lions

We have an opportunity to help mountain lions and other wildlife living in the hills near Los Angeles by providing safe passage between remaining protected habitat areas.

California Office

In California we're working with the state's diverse communities to connect people to wildlife and nature through a number of innovative programs.


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