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California Staff

Beth Pratt

Beth Pratt
Regional Executive Director
Email: prattb@nwf.org

Carolyn Millard, NWF

Carolyn Millard
Manager, Operations, Conservation And Education Program
Email: millardc@nwf.org

Tessa Charnofsky

Tessa Charnofsky
Manager, Urban Wildlife Program
Email: charnofskyt@nwf.org

Brenna Humann

Brenna Humann
Regional Philanthropy Officer
Email: humannb@nwf.org

Leigh Wyman

Leigh Wyman
Program Assistant, Urban Wildlife
Email: wymanl@nwf.org


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A Message from NWF's California Director

Dear Friend of California Wildlife,

My mother tells me my interest in wildlife began at an early age. I would collect frogs in a bucket, name them all Herman, watch them in a special frog habitat I constructed in our backyard, then release them to their “families” at night. I don’t know if I’ll admit to naming them Herman, but the rest sounds plausible. As a young girl, I also avidly read Ranger Rick magazine. Now as an adult, I am honored to have the opportunity to serve an organization that helped shape me into a champion for conservation and an advocate for frogs and other wildlife.

For over twenty years I have worked in environmental leadership roles and in two of the country’s largest parks: Yosemite and Yellowstone. As a result, I have been lucky enough to witness a bison calf born in my yard, be awaked by the music of wolves howling, watch a grizzly bear lope across the landscape, and listen to the chirping of the pika on a high mountain peak. In my home outside Yosemite, I enjoy seeing tadpoles transform into Pacific chorus frogs each year and have observed a bobcat family strolling through my certified National Wildlife backyard habitat.

I treasure these encounters. And I want to ensure that the children of today—and of future generations—experience the same sense of wonder at seeing a frog hopping in their backyard after a spring rain.

National Wildlife Federation strives to ensure that our children and our children’s children will live in a healthy world where they can breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy a diverse array of wildlife and natural areas. That work is especially important for California because few places possess the biodiversity of the Golden State. Home to an impressive array of wildlife and natural landmarks, the state and its diverse communities play a critical role in a stronger conservation movement - a process that begins with education and awareness.

Thank you for your support of the National Wildlife Federation and our work in California!

Beth Pratt


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