Fellow: Erica Tauzer

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Campus:   Albion College
Contact Email:   ect10@albion.edu
Topic:   Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Academic Year:   2008-2009
Case Studies:   None
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Fellow Details:   Erica Tauzer currently attends Albion College and is double majoring in Biology and Trans-American/Latino Studies with concentrations in Environmental Science and Public Policy. She believes that these studies will develop the knowledge needed to work on environmental policy, grassroots organizing or consulting. She specifically hopes to work on climate change issues.

Erica is currently involved with is the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition, a network of students from colleges and universities across Michigan, dedicated to statewide sustainability. Focused primarily on climate change policy and environmental justice, the MSSC recently launched a Clean Energy Future Campaign at a press conference at the State Capitol.

As a member of the Environmental Institute, Erica helped to organize Focus the Nation which involved hundreds of students across campus. She also helped organize campus and community events for Step It Up 2007, two days of nation-wide rallying in support of political action on climate change. Along with a passion for the environment and human ecological impact, Erica also enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, music, art and sustainable gardening. She is currently involved in working on several gardens both on campus and in the community. This summer Erica will intern with the nonprofit group, Paso Pacifico in Nicaragua to work with women on community sustainability and environmental education.

Erica’s Campus Ecology Project is a multi-faceted approach to sustainability development on the campus of Albion College. She will be working with another NWF Fellow, Lisa Anderson, as the first NWF Fellow ‘team’. The short term goals of this project include the establishment of a campus-wide “Green Council”, the creation of a comprehensive map of the energy use on campus, a webpage that categorizes all the environmental happenings on campus and the establishment of bike rental program in the community.

The establishment of the Green Council and the formation of the webpage will bring organization to the plethora of environmental efforts currently being done on our campus. From the organization, we will be more effective in campus sustainability.

The map will be based on an inventory that was started by alumna Chie Okada. Erica will work to make this inventory more comprehensive and interactive by bringing this energy map to the web. She will also include information on the sources of that energy. These goals will help contribute to the overall priority of the project, which is to lead our campus to a carbon neutral future. Along with the energy decrease, the formation of bike rental system will also help to decrease student driving. We also hope to lead by example and show the municipal government that there are ways to incorporate sustainability in community planning.