Fellow: Lisa Anderson

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Campus:   Albion College
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Academic Year:   2008-2009
Case Studies:   None
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Fellow Details:   As a junior at Albion College, Lisa is majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Anthropology and a concentration in Environmental Science and Pre-health Studies. After completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree from Albion College she plans to attend graduate school in Environmental and Occupational Health and hopes to continue creating environmental awareness. Academically, Lisa has had the opportunity to participate in a research internship funded by the National Science Foundation to investigate green chemistry for anti-cancer drug discovery and present this research at a professional scientific conference.

As a kid Lisa’s family exposed her to the outdoors through frequent camping, fishing, and hunting ventures. Growing up in an environmentally aware family shaped the way she lives and cemented an appreciation of the outdoors. Her interest for environmental activities began when she served on the student body of the Michigan 4-H Youth Conservation Council. She now partakes in the Environmental Institute’s annual field trips to study the ecological and environmental issues in areas like the Appalachians and South Florida.

Lisa was recently honored with the Omicron Delta Kappa Service Leadership Award which recognizes leadership in scholarship, athletics, and campus and community involvement. She led and organized Step It Up, a two day event in the fall and spring of 2006-2007, calling for climate change action through the 1Sky Initiatives. Currently living in the Environmental House at Albion College, Lisa has learned about reducing her ecological footprint and lived with people who share similar ideals. She has attended Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition Summits that organize students from different campuses on environmental leadership and serve as the Environmental Justice Coordinator.

Lisa plans to educate students, faculty, staff, and administration about potential environmental and sustainable practices at Albion College and create a goal reaching carbon neutrality. Her goals include creating an Albion College sustainability website, the formation of a Green Council, a greenhouse gas inventory, and improved campus and community involvement. The creation of an online database of greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage will aide in researching energy costs to oversee the tangible renewable energy alternatives and to continue the compilation of energy data. The Green Council will form a Climate Action Plan for Albion College with specific deadlines for carbon neutrality to reduce CO2 emissions 2% per year (30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050). The goal is for Albion College to join the Climate Champions program and establish a position for a sustainability coordinator. As a student representative appointed to the Facilities Campus Master Plan Steering Committee, a team appointed to research Albion College’s options to enhance facilities, Lisa hope to integrate her sustainability ideas into the College’s future plans. To increase collaboration between Albion College and the City of Albion, Lisa will also project plans to work in tandem with sustainability issues such as the Cool Cities Campaign and the Climate Champions program.