Fellow: Jessica Katz

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Campus:   Arizona State University
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Topic:   Waste Reduction
Academic Year:   2007-2008
Case Studies:   None
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Fellow Details:   As a native of Colorado, Jessie spent her childhood hiking, skiing, and enjoying the Rocky Mountains and is now passionate about protecting the natural areas that give such important benefits to so many. Jessie is currently in her second year of study at Arizona State University, where she intends to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an Environmental Engineering concentration. She is a research analyst for ASU’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives, where she helps to develop a number of projects designed to forward the University’s sustainability initiative. She is also one of the founders of a student-driven Sustainability Coalition at ASU. With experience in teaching at both local and international levels (she recently spent a summer in Tanzania educating about HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention), Jessie is interested in promoting both awareness of current environmental/social equity issues as well as financially acceptable solutions to these problems. In her free time, Jessie enjoys hiking, skiing, playing her flute, and exploring the Sonoran Desert.

Jessica will attempt to systematically reduce waste in the food service industry on the Arizona State University campus. She is designing an award called Serving Sustainability for Sun Devils for food services that demonstrate outstanding commitment to sustainability goals, such as waste reduction, pollution management, and energy efficiency. The Serving Sustainability award will establish a set of measurable criteria upon which food services can be evaluated and recognized for reducing their ecological footprint. The award will judge such elements as inventory control, local and organic purchasing, food and packaging waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency of equipment, water conservation, and effective management and leadership. As part of the award process, food services will undergo a type of educational “audit,” to inform food service managements of the resources available to them that will enable them to reduce their waste output.