Fellow: Susan Aiezza

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Campus:   Ball State University
Contact Email:   suzydiscovery@excite.com
Topic:   Environmental Education or Outreach
Academic Year:   2002-2003
Case Studies:   None
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Fellow Details:   Susan Aiezza is producing a seven-minute video segment on sustainability for a weekly magazine program called Indiana Outdoors.

Made in collaboration with students, faculty and administrators at Ball State University and in partnership with the Telecommunications and Natural Resources and Environmental Management Departments, this segment will highlight the need for sustainable practices in everyday living in an institutional setting. To ensure long-term success, the segment will be written in an "evergreen" or timeless fashion. The program will air on twelve public television stations, reaching approximately 55,000 viewers, according to Nielson Research.

Susan is conducting and overseeing research, interviews, writing, production and distribution of the video segment. Indiana Outdoors is produced by students who volunteer, receive academic credit or are paid student wages. University staff members often serve as the content experts ensuring a high quality product. Because of its collaborative and cross-disciplinary nature, Indiana Outdoors was noted as an innovative learning model by the Indiana state legislators.

This video segment, to be showcased at Ball State's "Greening of the Campus V" conference in September 2003, will complement the Council on the Environment's action item of Green Issues Awareness. The Council, a university-wide clearinghouse for sustainability initiatives, is comprised of multiple stakeholders, including administrators, students, faculty and local community members. Through a variety of outreach mechanisms, Susan is seeking additional distribution channels to ensure use of the video by other campus stakeholders and in surrounding schools.

Susan is working towards her master's degree in Environmental Communications at Ball State after having recently received her bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management and Engineering at the University of Connecticut. While there, she worked as a research technician at the Environmental Research Institute and was involved with a statewide air pollution project to better understand its air pollution patterns. As an environmentalist committed to effective communication for educating the public about topics such as sustainability, Susan's ultimate career goal is to become a documentary filmmaker.

-Sue Aiezza, Ball State University, 02-03 Fellow