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ClimateEdu: News for a Green Campus

ClimateEdu is an e-newsletter that covers campus projects that are breaking new ground in climate action and sustainability. Each issue includes a mix of resources, book reviews, tools, editorials and event listings. Our goal is to support colleges and universities in their work of protecting wildlife (and our own human habitat) from the effects of environmental degradation and climate change.

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Popular Articles

Proposed Changes in Emissions Counting Concern Some Colleges

A new proposed rule for measuring a school's greenhouse gas emissions risks overburdening those tasked with making a difference on campus.

Beyond Towns and Gowns

With increasing frequency, schools are partnering with their wider communities to protect the ecosystems that sustain them both, as historic town and gown considerations grow to include counties, valleys, mountains, and watersheds.

College Becomes Largest Wind Energy Purchaser In Nation

One tiny, urban college is well on its way towards being emissions-free by 2019, via a purchasing agreement that allows it to be powered 100% by wind energy.

Smarter than Smart Meters: A New Approach to Building Energy Management 

Drawing conclusions about the efficiency of a building based purely on total units of energy consumed is as questionable as drawing conclusions solely on one team's run production in baseball. To really know how efficient a building is, managers need to examine results by hour, looking at weather patterns, user behavior, and other factors.

A Kinder, Gentler Wrecking Ball

As schools renovate and improve their campuses, some are recycling everything that can possibly be salvaged, including steel, doors, concrete, brick, roofing, and hardware, so it can be sold or reused later.

Reduce, Reuse, ReTweet

New courses and campaigns that take place online, specifically in social media, are changing the way students and staff talk about sustainability.

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