Power Vote

Our Chance to Make History! Power Vote 2010 

National Wildlife Federation is working with the Energy Action Coalition to launch Power Vote 2010 - a campaign to unite youth voters across the country. Power Vote is a national, youth led campaign to demonstrate to candidates up and down the ballot that young people demand action on climate change.

We are engaging more than a million young people in climate change with the Power Vote Pledge.

Power Vote is a campaign designed to tap into the vision and power of young people and direct that vibrant energy towards making climate a critical issue in this election. But it doesn’t stop there. Through Power Vote young people will continue this fight through the next administration and beyond.

The Power Vote platform was created as a collaborative vision for our future. America needs to lead the world towards a just, clean energy economy that moves beyond dirty energy, creates green jobs for all, and secures our climate.

Young Americans demanding real solutions to global warming by voting to create a clean energy economy, green jobs for all, and to secure our climate. Join us!

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