Start a Campus Sustainability Project

The following pages were created based on Dr. David Eagan's Research Station. They will take you through the steps of defining a campus greening project. This online guide for conducting environmental projects on campus includes guidance on project design, sample projects, tips and pitfalls, and more. 

At every college and university, a wide range of possibilities exists for campus-focused environmental projects. Think of your school as a dynamic, hands-on laboratory for environmental research, where students, faculty and staff can conduct inquiries--large and small--and take meaningful action.

While staff and faculty often initiate efforts, it is when students are involved that the greatest benefit occurs. Through their project experiences, students acquire valuable skills in research, problem-solving, writing and teamwork, and they gain the self-confidence to tackle new and more challenging issues. Students often report that their campus projects were among their most interesting, engaging, and significant college experiences.

The "Research Station" borrows its title from the sciences; students in biology, forestry, geology, archeology and other sciences often spend time at field camps or research stations. These intensive learning environments are usually located in natural settings where the object of study is close at hand. From an environmental standpoint, a college campus is just like a field station, with hands-on research and learning opportunities found everywhere.

This "Research Station" is constructed to help you design and carry out a campus-focused project. Check out actual project examples and case studies to see what other colleges and universities have done. The advice and ideas here were drawn from the lessons learned on many campuses. If you decide to launch a project, be sure to keep good notes and share your story with us.

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