Student Tar Sands Action

Fighting against the Keystone XL pipeline, tar sands, and climate change on your campus


About tar sands:

To extract the tar sands, oil companies are digging up pristine forest in Alberta, Canada. Mining and extracting these tar sands destroys enormous swaths of important ecosystems, produces lake-sized reservoirs of toxic waste, releases toxic chemicals into our air when it is refined in the U.S., and emits significantly more global warming pollutants into the atmosphere than fuels made from conventional oil. Check out NWF's tar sands site for more information on tar sands and its impact on the environment and climate.


About the Keystone XL pipeline:

On January 18, 2012, over a month before the deadline imposed by Congress, President Obama denied the permit needed to build the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Had it been approved, the Keystone XL pipeline would carry up to 900,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil from operations in Alberta, Canada, more than 2,000 miles to refineries on the Gulf Coast cutting through six American heartland states: Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Check out NWF’s Keystone XL site to learn more about the risks associated with the Keystone XL pipeline.


Our fight is not over:

While the initial permit needed to build the Keystone XL Pipeline was denied, the Obama Administration will allow TransCanada to reapply after it develops an alternate route around the sensitive habitat of Nebraska’s Sandhills.

We need to thank Obama for rejecting Keystone XL, but also make it clear that a tar sands pipeline by any other name is still as dirty.


What YOU can DO:

1) Submit a photo petition

-Take a photo of yourself holding a dialogue bubble with one of the following phrases:

    “A tar sands pipeline by any other name is still as dirty”

    “Thank you for standing up to Big Oil”

    "Don’t repackage the same dirty pipeline”

    “Yes we can stop tar sands”

-Upload your photo to Flickr using the hashtag: #nonewpipeline by February 17th. We will compile all of the photos and drop them off at the White House on President’s Day (February 20th)

2) Attend the rally in Washington DC on January 24th to “Blow the Whistle on Big Oil”

3) Send a letter to Obama, thanking him for denying the Keystone XL pipeline and urging him to stand strong against Big Oil. 

4) Follow us on social media to stay up to date on news and events:






How students have been standing up to tar sands:

• Students made up a large part of the near 12,000 participants in the Nov. 6th action in which participants completely surrounded the White House to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.
• 100 Pittsburgh Students Greet President Obama with Keystone XL Rally
• Hundreds of students participating in the Midwest PowerShift conference joined activists in Cleveland in a rally, demanding President Obama stand up to Big Oil, reject the Keystone XL Pipeline and support clean energy jobs for the heartland.
• 35 Young Leaders met with EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson  to thank her for her leadership, and show their support for her continued lead on the Keystone XL pipeline.

 NC and TN Students tell Obama to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline             
• Over 200 students from across the Southeast, participating in the Southest Student Renewable Energy Conference (SSREC), hit the streets of Asheville, NC to stand in solidarity against the Keystone XL pipeline.


Don't forget to follow us on twitter @youthforclimate and on Facebook ( for more information and updates on our efforts to combat climate change and promote a clean energy future.

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