State of the Campus Environment Report

A National Report Card on Environmental Performance and Sustainability
in Higher Education

  State of Campus Environment Report

More than ever, colleges and universities are expected to take an active role in creating and modeling solutions to environmental problems. Yet there is little information available to show how successful our colleges are in carrying out that mission. While extensive information is available on most other aspects of university performance - such as enrollments, costs, competitiveness, and cultural diversity - no such data on environmental performance exists.

The State of the Campus Environment project was designed to address this problematic information gap. In this first-ever large-scale environmental performance survey, every college and university in the U.S. was asked to describe its environmental practices, from recycling, landscaping and transportation, to campus policies, curriculum and energy use.

The survey and resulting report will help schools assess, compare and improve their own environmental performance, and will heighten public interest in this key aspect of educational performance.

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Q&A  - Learn more about the State of the Campus Environment project.

List of Participating Schools

Fact sheet  on State of the Campus Environment project

Press Release

If you have comments, questions or ideas about this project, or would like to submit a case study on what your campus is doing, please contact us!

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