Points-Based Award System & Virtual Dashboard

Eco-Schools Dashboard

In an effort to meet the needs of our participating Eco-Schools, we have updated the school profile pages and created virtual dashboards for each school. You can now display information publicly about the awards you have received, your shrinking environmental footprint, and your program goals. This ties into a new points-based system for the Bronze, Silver, and Green Flag awards that will allow your school to easily determine how close you are to qualifying for an award.

Whether you are new to the program and registering for the first time or you are an existing member of the Eco-Schools USA program, we are excited to provide your school with its very own virtual profile and dashboard.  You can think of your Eco-Schools dashboard just like you would a car’s dashboard that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read. 

Your school’s virtual dashboard will allow you to collect and track the following information: 

  • Student-initiated actions and their associated outcomes
  • Your Eco-Schools USA goals
  • Your progress toward awards and awards achieved
  • Project photos and videos
  • School information including your school picture, mascot, or logo

The information on the dashboard can serve as a valuable resource to:

  • Facilitate collaboration with other schools, allowing you to share ideas with each other as you work toward your program goals.
  • Demonstrate your progress to your building and/or district administration as you conserve resources, save on facilities costs, and most importantly engage students in real-world experiential learning.
  • Show potential grant funders the work you are doing and could continue to do with their financial support.
  • Link to Weatherbug® if you are a Weatherbug® school

Points-Based Award System

The Eco-Schools USA Seven-Step Framework remains the heart of the program, as it is a common feature in all countries that participate in the Eco-Schools program. In order to help participants better chart their progress through the Eco-Schools USA journey, we have assigned a point value to each step of the framework.  As you complete each step, you will gain points toward an award. The points required are as follows:

To keep track of your school’s points, use the login information you received when you registered to access your school’s dashboard. As you check off your accomplishments on the award form, the dashboard will automatically display your current point total. And as you complete your environmental pathway audits, you will be able to update and share your environmental footprint change! You can track the progress of other schools in your area and around the nation by locating them on the Eco-Schools USA Map.

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