2017 Fall Snapshot

HISD-Student-Chef-Using-GardenThe National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools USA program launched in November 2009. Since that time we have quite a bit to be proud of, including, the fantastic work of our Eco-Schools, the amazing work with our partners, and the leadership we have provided throughout the green school's movement.  The Eco-Schools USA snapshots are a synopsis of our program work and progress each quarter.  We are happy to share these quarterly reports with you. Should you have any questions please contact a team member at Eco-SchoolsUSA@nwf.org 


>>Download a copy of the 2017 Eco-Schools USA Fall Snapshot (PDF)


To find out more about how the Eco-Schools USA program can improve student performance, reduce your school's environmental footprint and facilities expenses, and contribute positively to your community, visit "How Can Eco-Schools USA Benefit Your School?"

NYC-PS180-Garden-March BNSPS146-5th-grade-girls-composting


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