Marcia's Story

I had dreamed of going overseas for years, as the rest of my family had done, but never seemed to be able to make it happen. Yet I had been able to make other dreams come true: As a single mother, I finally got through college after 10 years of hard work. As a science teacher at Einstein Middle School in Shoreline, Washington, I instituted a campus-wide organic gardening project. With my community service club and the influence of the principal, I helped transform the way we handle waste at our school and we were awarded an Eco-Schools USA Bronze Award! After all that, why not make a dream come true just for myself? I decided to just do it and travel around the world in two months!

Setting Out on My Journey

For this trip, I traveled alone. My journey took me from Seattle, Washington westward to New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. I had a few friends to meet along the way, but in places where I did not know anyone, I decided I needed to have a way to connect with people. Having just spent the school year working with students to implement the Eco-Schools USA program, I thought I might enjoy visiting Eco-Schools in other countries during my trip, finding out how they are greening their schools and being inspired by their efforts.  

I am so grateful that I decided to visit these Eco-Schools. I met people all around the globe who are vigorously pursuing sustainable practices and who are committed to teaching students that these practices are the right way to live and care for their environment. I hope our U.S. Eco-Schools will be inspired by the schools I visited, especially the Eco-Schools in Malaysia and Turkey where no one else is doing this type of work.  


Read about the Eco-Schools Marcia visited:

>> Auckland, New Zealand

>> Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

>> Istanbul, Turkey

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