Hurricane Science

Hurricane Sandy over United States mapWhat is a hurricane? How do they form? Where are they found? These are questions that your students are likely asking. The resources below can help you explain the science behind hurricanes to your students.

What is a Hurricane? - Weather WizKids

This kid-friendly website explains the science of hurricanes and discussses potential impacts. It also includes a vocabulary list, safety list, and a link to activities. 

Hurricanes -

This click-through animation explains how hurricanes form in a way that is easy for students to understand.

Atlantic Hurricanes With Dr. Jeff Halverson: Understanding the 21st Century's New Threat

This web page contains 35 separate, 1-4 minute long, video segments by hurricane expert Dr. Jeff Halverson. The segments take an in-depth look at the life cycle of hurricanes by using a myriad of scientific visualizations made from NASA satellite imagery. The web page provides educators with an index that describes: each segment of the lecture, the scientific visualization used in the segment, and linkages to national standards. Each of the segments is viewable in your browser and is also available for download as a Quicktime. Plus, the individual media content used in the segment is also available for download. 

NOAA Education Resources: Hurricanes

This web page provides basic information on what a hurricane is, and how they form. 



Projects Kids Can do to Help Those in Need

Generation On has some great ideas for things that kids and families can do in their community to help others in need.  Check out their website: