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Schools play a major role in the education of tomorrow's citizens and decision-makers. Introducing students to the wonder and value of our planet’s biological diversity in school prepares them to take action throughout their lives to protect and restore biodiversity in their own communities and around the world.




Organization Resource, Activity, or Lesson Plan * Grade Level
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies  Schoolyard Biodiversity Investigation Educator Guide (PDF) – A comprehensive set of activities for using the schoolyard to investigate biodiversity concepts Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council  Alien Invaders! Activity Guide – An invasive plant activity guide. See particularly Activity 11, “Diversity Index.”  Elementary, Middle, Secondary
National Wildlife Federation Ranger Rick's Outdoor Fun – Offers a wide variety of activities designed to appeal to readers of Ranger Rick magazine Elementary, Middle
National Wildlife Federation Ranger Rick Educator's Guide - Provides educational activities to complement each issue of Ranger Rick magazine and includes a monthly "Nature Notebook" page for journaling about outdoor explorations Elementary, Middle
National Wildlife Federation  Schoolyard Biodiversity - Students estimate the biodiversity of the schoolyard (or other site) and again an understanding of the relationship between species biodiversity and the fitness of a habitat for wildlife. K-8
National Wildlife Federation  Access Nature - Provides lessons and activities to guide outdoor exploration at school  Elementary
National Wildlife Federation Trees for the 21st Century – Tree-planting program featuring science learning and stewardship Elementary, Middle
National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Watch – Online tool for monitoring and reporting wildlife and plant observations Elementary, Middle, Secondary
National Wildlife Federation Online Lesson Plan Library – Collection of activities on a wide variety of topics related to wildlife and ecology  Elementary, Middle
National Wildlife Federation NWF At the Movies – Educator’s Guides and other resources explore themes of biodiversity and conservation using the following films:
Journey 2 The Mysterious Island
Dolphin Tale
Born to be Wild 3D 
Nim’s Island (PDF)
Elementary, Middle
USA National Phenology Network USA-NPN Education Program – Citizen science program for building a long-term data set on seasonal changes Middle, Secondary
Natural Biodiversity Kids’ Patch – Information and curriculum resources for teaching about native and invasive species Elementary, Middle
Facing the Future Biodiversity and Ecosystem Resources – Compilations of links and curriculum resources for elementary, middle, and high school students Elementary, Middle, Secondary
EE Link  Endangered Species Resources – Links to a variety of activities and materials on threatened and endangered plants, animals, and habitats Elementary, Middle, Secondary
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Arkansas Ecological Services Office  Endangered Species Curriculum
Lesson for Grades K-5 (PDF)
Lesson for Grades K-8 (PDF)
Lesson for Grades 10-12 (PDF)
Elementary, Middle, Secondary
NWF Eco-Schools USA PBI and Tundra Connections - Learn about arctic animals, specifically the polar bear along with ways for students to take action through place-based learning. Elementary, Middle, Secondary
National Wildlife Refuge System Kid's Corner - Games and resources to introduce elementary students to the national wildlife refuge system and the diverse animals living within it, also info about taking nature photographs and links to contests and other opportunities. Elementary
U.S. Forest Service and many partners, including National Wildlife Federation

BatsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure - Bats are vital to healthy ecosystems worldwide. Learn why this diverse and misunderstood group of animals faces great threats, and why it is essential to protect them, through an exciting archived webinar series and other educational resources, including the activity guide Night Friends (PDF).

Elementary, Middle


* Elementary (K-5)
Middle School (6-8)
Secondary (9-12)

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Monarch Butterfly Recovery Resources

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Learn how you and your students can contribute to monarch conservation and support the recovery
efforts of NWF and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Curriculum resources are available for K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and high school Biology and Environmental Science.

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Bird Identifier Guide

Download this handy Bird Identifier reference guide, illustrated by John Sill. Use the guide to help identify 25 kinds of birds often seen around your home.