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Interested in Biodiversity - Consider a Career as a Park Ranger

  • ParkRangerEDU - Park rangers are often said to be the keepers of our nation's natural resources and protected public lands. Park rangers are there to educate the public, enforce the law, as well as to implement and support conservation efforts so future generations can enjoy these ecologically and historically significant sites. 

Biodiversity Monitoring - Citizen Science

Habitat Restoration

Species Identification

Learning About Animals and Plants

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The Wildlife Classroom

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Schoolyard Habitats

Shoolyard Habitat

See how educators and students can attract and support local wildlife in their Schoolyard Habitats®.

Young Voices for the Planet


From award winning author and illustrator, Lynne Cherry, whose books include A River Ran Wild and The Great Kapok Tree, comes a film series featuring young people who are making a difference.  Speaking Out. Creating Solutions. Leading the Change.

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Take learning outside with NWF's habitat themed activities