CCC - Module II


Module II - Factors that Influence Temperature


Please make sure you are a registered Eco-School, participated in the free training through Wildlife University, and have read through the information on the Getting Started page.


Module II - Factors that Influence Temperature, allows students to better understand that our actions as consumers, as well as how we develop our communities impact earth's energy budget.


Lesson 4: Exploring Land Surface Temperature and Longwave Radiation

Lesson 5: Investigating CO2 Trends

Lesson 6: Ice-Albedo Feeback

Lesson 7: Quantifying Land Changes Over Time Using Landsat

Lesson 8: Urbanization and Deforestation

Lesson 9: Conceptualizing Module II


I'm ready to move on to Module III - How Climate Change Affects Natural and Human Systems.


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A Distance Learning Adventure

The U.S. Forest Service, Prince William Network and partners, that include the National Wildlife Federation, bring climate learning to you through our series of webcasts, webinars, and online climate education resources: ClimateChange LIVE!

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