Oil Spill and Wetland Activities and Info

5 Years Later

Needless to say, the Gulf oil spill will have a devastating effect on wetlands, wildlife, and the Gulf states’ economy for some time. What can we learn from this? What are some actions that students can take, both at school and at home, that can reduce our national dependence on oil?

Below are some downloadable activities from several sources, including topics such as oil spills and wetlands. 

oil spill

Oil Spill Activities:

NWF-Diving Into Oceans: Easy Oil Spill Activity, PDF 

Science Buddies: Goo-Be-Gone: Cleaning Up Oil Spills

The Learning Network: The Drill On the Spill: Learning About the Gulf Oil Leak in the Lab

NOAA:  Information and activities for students and teachers who'd like to learn more about oil spills or hazardous chemical accidents


 Wetlands Information and Activities:

Ducks near Gulf oil spill
What Makes a Wetland a Wetland?, PDF

Wetland Surveys and Slogans, PDF

Wetlands Information and Activities, PDF 

Saltwater Wetlands Information and Activities, PDF

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Interactive Feature
NWF Report: Making the Most of Gulf Restoration
For Parents and Educators
Special Guide for Talking to Kids About the Gulf Oil Spill.
Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

Setup under the RESTORE Act the council's goals are to restore and protect the natural resources, ecosystems, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches, coastal wetlands, and economy of the Gulf Coast region. Education materials found here.