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GLOBE Training for Eco-Schools: Using Earth Systems Science in your Schoolyard Habitat®GreenSTEM

Who: Formal or informal educators

What: A free, online course for those who are looking to integrate citizen science and field-investigations into the Eco-Schools USA program by becoming a GLOBE trained teacher.

When: There will be four 8-week sessions offered in 2017.

  • January 18 – March 15 
  • April 10 – June 5 (Registration is now closed)
  • July 10 – August 7, extended through 9/5/17 (Registration is now closed)
  • October 9 – December 4

Where: Register at Wildlife University. Registration for the next session will open on 9/6/17. The online course is presented by Eco-Schools USA and The GLOBE Program. The training will take place on two e-learning platforms, NWF’s Wildlife University and GLOBE’s Protocol e-Training.

Why: The course is designed for teachers looking to engage their students in Green STEM, with learning opportunities that are rigorous, yet fun and take students out of the classroom and into the natural world. A certified Schoolyard Habitat has many benefits, not only to wildlife, but applications in all core subject areas. A schoolyard habitat is also a great place to engage students in field investigations where they can practice the science skills and develop deeper understanding about Earth’s systems and her processes.

Upon successful completion of the course requirements teachers will receive a certificate of completion for 8 professional learning hours.

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Program Knowledge

  • What is Eco-Schools USA
  • What is the GLOBE Program
  • A strategy for integrating Eco-Schools and GLOBE

Chapter 2: GLOBE Investigation's Training

  • Atmosphere Investigation
    • Clouds Protocol
    • Precipitation Protocol
    • Air Temperature Protocol
    • Surface Temperature Protocol
  • Pedosphere Investigation
    • Soil Temperature Protocol​
    • Soil Characterization
  • Hydrosphere Investigation
    • Water pH Protocol
    • Water Temperature Protocol
    • Mosquito Larvae Protocol
  • Biosphere Investigation
    • Green Up/Green Down Protocol

Chapter 3: Uploading Data and Creating Visualizations

Chapter 4: Putting New Tools in Play using the Eco-Schools 7 Step Framework

Chapter 5: Conclusion

  • Assessment
  • Certification




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