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Here you will find a links to information that will help you successfully implement the curriculum. 

  • Environmental Audit Checklist - This checklist can serve as a general “needs assessment” for school.  The Eco-Action team will answer 5 questions for each pathway.  This data will then be taken back to the entire team for discussion and next steps.
  • Energy Pathway - The Energy pathway is designed to allow students to address energy consumption at school.  Included in the pathway are ways students can engage their peers and other school community members, ideas for making change, ways for teachers to connect energy content to the school curriculum.
  • Energy Audit - With the energy audit students will be able to assess their school’s energy consumption, see their classroom and school’s carbon footprint, and make informed decisions on how to conserve energy and reduce utility costs.
  • Sample Energy Action Plan - The Action Plan example is designed as a guide, a visual tool to help Eco-Action teams as they prepare their own plans.
  • Classroom Carbon Calculator - This excel worksheet allows you to enter data from your classroom audit, calculate carbon emissions both before and after taking action, and provide visual tools in the form of charts and graphs that can be utilized during classroom instruction and to showcase classroom and/or school success.
  • Cool School Challenge - The Cool School Challenge engages students and teachers in practical strategies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions school-wide. Students challenge individual classrooms to reduce their carbon emissions over a set period of time, and utilize a carbon calculator to evaluate progress.


Looking for inspiration?

  • Watch these great videos:

    • George Washington Carver Middle School  - Through simple actions these Florida teens helped to inspire their school community and save their school $53,000 in energy costs.
    • Nichols High School  - Nichols School is undertaking a wide-ranging approach to campus sustainability, known as the Big Green Initiative.  Watch and take a look at how they integrated the Eco-Schools and Polar Bear International programs into their work to combat climate change.
    • Boston Latin School - Watch the Today Show's piece on the oldest school in America's efforts to go green.  Boston Latin School and their Youth Climate Action Network are an Eco-Schools USA Green Flag award winner!
    • Westside High School - This school in the Houston Independent School District is doing amazing green work and is a part of an Eco-Schools USA district-wide collaboration.  (Start at minute 4:46 and end at minute 6:10)
    • Alliance for Climate Education - ACE, Alliance for Climate Education is a free assembly for middle and high schools.  There engaging program inspires and motivates students to reflect on the impact they are making today and to DOT, Do One Thing.
    • Cool the Earth - Cool the Earth is a free, ready to run climate change assembly that educates K-8 students and families about climate change and inspires them to take simple actions to reduce carbon emissions.

Project Contact Informationl

Marya Fowler – 
NWF Senior Manager, Education Outreach
South Central Regional Center

Jennifer Hammonds – 
Science Education and Curriculum Specialist

Beth Johnson – 
Evaluation and Research

NASA and Eco-Schools USA
Earth from Space (Source: NASA)

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