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Eco-Schools USA and Pennsylvania Green & Healthy Schools Partnership: Helping to Create a More Sustainable State!


FINAL-BEEPOLEEco-Schools USA has teamed up with the PA Green & Healthy Schools Partnership (PAGHSP) to recognize and assist schools in Pennsylvania who aspire to begin, or are currently, making strides in sustainability.  The goal is to acknowledge all those schools in Pennsylvania who are currently implementing green initiatives, no matter how big or small those steps may be, as well as to provide assistance to schools who need guidance along their path toward sustainability.

We believe that, by assuring our children are sustainability literate and providing their education in a building that is healthy and reduces environmental impacts, we are assuring that our future generation will grow to become successful and caring stewards of our natural resources.  By designing, constructing, and operating our school buildings with the environment and health in mind, andFINAL-PEARTREE educating our students about those features, we are making a bold statement to our youth that we care about where they learn, as well as our planet.  

The PA Green & Healthy Schools Partnership is a collaboration of government agencies, nonprofits, K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and individuals who are committed to promoting healthy schools within the Commonwealth that have minimal impacts on the environment and promote environmental literacy of all students by utilizing curriculum that makes the vital sustainability connections in the classroom.

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What's Happening at Pennsylvania Eco-Schools?

Photos above are from Northwest PA Collegiate Academy in Erie. Upper left students are installing a bee pole in their school garden and pruning an Espalier pear tree. A master gardener taught this student how to care for the pear tree, and after she tended to it during the summer and fall, it produced 8-10 pears.



These students from Spectrum Charter School are proudly displaying the small amount of trash they generated in their classroom during an eco-awareness competition, for which they were required to collect their refuse over the course of one week.  They successfully brainstormed on ways to minimize their footprint via composting, reducing, reusing, and recycling.



In 2015, Spectrum Charter School will be hosting their third annual Community Computer Recycling Event, where area residents can bring their electronics for proper recycling.



Cook-WissahickonStudents creating two compost piles at Cook-Wissahickon Elementary in Philadelphia, a participating Eco-School! Cook Wissahickon also participates in the Eco-Schools USA Wrigley's Litter Less Schools Campaign!






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Using the Seven Step Framework to guide your efforts, Eco-Schools provides you the flexibility to determine which of the ten pathways to sustainability will best help you and your students meet their goals.  Learn more about the ten pathways.