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Tundra Connections is a web conferencing experience from the tundra to the classroom, a program of Polar Bears International, PBI®.  As a part of National Wildlife Federation and PBI's missions we work to protect wildlife and wild places and so it makes sense to focus on the polar bear and its ecosystem.  Polar bears have evolved for a life on the sea ice, which they rely on for reaching their seal prey.  But arctic sea ice is rapidly diminishing due to a warming Earth, affecting the entire arctic ecosystem, from copepods to seals to walruses.

So what does this mean for polar bears?

Hudson Bay polar bears are forced ashore each summer when they Bay ice melts.  They spend the next few months in a state known as walking hibernation, living off their fat reserves until they can hunt seal again.  But, freeze-up now comes three to four weeks later than it did just thirty years ago, and melt-off sooner, straining the limits of their fat reserves.  Scientists predict unless we take action to reduce green house gas emissions, Churchill's polar bears could vanish by 2030 - and possibly within ten years with several bad ice years in a row.

Calling all K-12 teachers!

Eco-Schools USA and Polar Bears International have teamed up to offer you an engaging, educational, and motivating experience for your students.  Three webcasts were offered in November 2012, covering topics related to climate change in the Arctic and Arctic biodiversity.  This is an excellent tool for students to hear directly from the scientists and experts working and studying in the field. 

Polar bears are a perfect focal point for teaching all kinds of things, from biology and geography, from mathematics and physics, and from environmental science and cultural sociology.  

>>Click the link to choose the most appropriate Tundra Connections webcast for your students.

>>Ready to take action in order to help polar bears and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

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