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Trail Dashed Line

Boy reading GPS unit while geocaching on Ranger Rick's Geocache Trails What You Need. (For Your Adventure)

  • Ranger Rick’s Geocaching Passport 
  • Handheld GPS (Global Positioning System) unit or Smartphone
  • Account at geocaching.com (It’s FREE!)
  • Small items for trading (optional)
  • Notebook, pencil, crayons, or markers (optional)
  • Camera (optional)
  • And a sense of adventure!

 What You Do.

  1. Go online.
    Log inor create a geocaching account at geocaching.com. Go to geocaching.com/RangerRickTrails and look for a trail near you.
  2. Get Coordinates.
    Each geocache on the trail will have its own page online with special information about the geocache and clues to help you find it. You will need to download the GPS coordinates to your GPS unit. If you have a smartphone, there are several free apps that allow your phone to work just like a GPS unit, with geocache information available at all times.

  3. Hit the Trail!
    When you arrive at the trail, follow your GPS unit to the first geocache. Note: Since geocaches on the trail do not need to be found in a specific order, you can decide which one you want to find first. TIP: When you are about 25 feet from the cache, start to look around for anything out of the ordinary. 

    Read other helpful tips on finding a geocache >>> Ranger Rick's Geocache image

  4. Found It!
    When you find each geocache:

    • Sign the log book inside.
    • Solve the mystery. Each geocache on the trail contains a clue card with a  hint describing which of Ranger Rick’s pals was there. Use the paw print stamp, found in the geocache, to mark your passport with your guess. After your adventure, you will be able to check your answers online.
    • Trade treasure. Geocachers love to trade items. The only rule is, if you take something out, you must replace it with something of your own. So bring stuff to trade! Note: Stamps are not meant to be traded.
    • Look for More to Explore. Each clue card includes other activities to do on your adventure. TIP: This is where the notebook and other supplies may come in handy.

    Now find the other geocaches on the trail!

  5. Check Your Answers.
    After your adventure, go online to RangerRickTrails.com/Answers to check your passport answers and learn more about Ranger Rick and his pals. 

  6. Log Your Finds.
    Log each geocache you found by going to that geocache’s page on geocaching.com. There you can tell others about your adventure, and even post pictures. It’s fun to track your geocaching discoveries on your account. 

Who is Ranger Rick?

Ranger Rick with a camera

  • Ranger Rick has been inspiring America’s youth to know and love wildlife for over 40 years.
  • Ranger Rick magazine, published by the National Wildlife Federation, is a wildlife-focused publication for ages 7 and up
  • What is Geocaching?

  • A free high-tech treasure hunt
  • GPS coordinates are used to locate hidden containers outdoors
  • Engages 4 million people +
  • More than 1.2 million geocaches in the world
  • Geocachers use a handheld GPS device or SmartPhone
  • Geocaches contain a log book for geocachers to sign
  • Geocaches can contain items for trading
  • Learn more at GEOCACHING.COM.
  • Ranger Rick Geocache Trails

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