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Resources for Young Reporters

Young Reporters for the Environment USA
The resources below will help you hone your skills as an environmental journalist. Use them to get the information you need to craft a high quality piece of writing, photography or videography - one you'll be proud to present both to your community and to the Young Reporters competition.

Tips on choosing a topic to investigate

Definitions of key terms related to environmental journalism 

Links to additional journalism resources, organizations and programs

Resources from Young Reporters International

For ideas on how to structure your piece, you may want to look at examples of successful environmental journalism. Visit the website of YRE International site to see winning articles, photos, and videos from previous years of the competition.

At the YRE International website, you'll also find a collection of helpful tips for writing, photography, and video, as well as some definitions and links that pertain to environmental journalism.

Young Reporters Handbooks

These handbooks were developed by Environmental Defence in Canada for their Young Reporters for the Environment competition, known as Canada's Next Green Journalist. The handbooks offer skill-building information and tips from professionals for each of the three types of media in the YRE competition.

Environmental Defence Writing Handbook

Writing Handbook (PDF)


Environmental Defence Photography Handbook

Photographers Handbook (PDF)


Environmental Defence Videographers Handbook

Videographers Handbook (PDF)


We thank Environmental Defence for generously inviting us to share these handbooks with you!

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