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Land of the Silver Birch

Land of the silver birch
Home of the beaver
Where still the mighty moose
Wanders at will

Blue lake and rocky shore
I will return once more
Hi-ya-ya, hi-ya
Hi-ya-ya, hi-ya
Hi-ya-ya, hi-ya

High on a rocky ledge
I'll build my wigwam
Close to the water's edge
Silent and still

Actions: The kindergarteners at Children's House Montessori School enjoy this song particularly because they have certain arm movements while singing it.

They start with their arms folded in front of them, one arm laid gently on the other. During the first line, "Land of the Silver Birch," they slowly raise one up vertically like a tree.

During the second line, they raise their second arm parallel to the first. During the third line, they bring one arm down and then during the fourth line, they bring down the other arm.

During "Hi-ya-ya, hi-ya" they slowly roll their arms around each other. Arm movements are a great way to keep the attention of younger children during quiet songs, and this one also practices cross-body coordination.

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