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Sandwiches are Beautiful

Sandwiches are beautiful, sandwiches are fine.
I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time;
I eat them for my supper and I eat them for my lunch;
If I had a hundred sandwiches, I'd eat them all at once.

I'm a roaming and a rambling and a wandering all along,
And if you care to listen, I will sing a happy song.
I will not ask a favor and I will not ask a fee,
But if you have a sandwich, won't you give a bite to me?

Once I went to England, I visited the Queen,
I swear she was the grandest lady that I've ever seen,
I told her she was beautiful and could not ask for more,
She handed me a sandwich and she threw me out the door.

A sandwich may be egg or cheese or even peanut butter,
But they all taste so good to me, it doesn't even matter;
Jam or ham or cucumber, any kind will do.
I like sandwiches, how about you?

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