Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Conservation has always been an important part of who Disney is as a company. Disney’s environmental legacy spans more than 60 years and began with Walt himself.

Disney’s commitment to protect the planet includes immersive experiences at Disney Parks and Resorts—such as those at Disney’s Animal Kingdom—that help kids discover and appreciate nature, as well as the importance of protecting it. Disney’s entertaining and engaging content—including Disneynature films—give families an opportunity to experience parts of the world that they would otherwise never know. Programs like Disney’s Friends for Change have inspired kids and families to care for the world we share, taking more than 5 million actions for positive change including beach clean ups and tree plantings.

Through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF), resources are provided to organizations that protect nature and create opportunities for kids to connect with nature. In fact, Disney has supported eight projects with NWF including the Sage Grouse and Karner Blue Butterfly programs. NWF was also one of five recipients who received a special $100,000 grant from the DWCF in April 2012 during the Disney Kids and Nature Celebration to recognize and further the work of respected organizations that are helping to create experiences and opportunities for kids to discover the natural world.

Disney is committed to protecting the planet, conserving nature, and helping kids develop lifelong conservation values by supporting programs like NWF’s Great American Campout and Butterfly Heroes.

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