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South Texas College (STC) has been an early partner of the Greenforce Initiative. Since joining the network,  South Texas College Technology Campus hosted the first ever Greenforce Initiative Summit. The National Wildlife Federation and Jobs for the Future, along with South Texas, and community colleges from Houston, San Antonio and Laredo, collaborated together to hold the first regional summit of its kind in October 2010.

Sustainability in the Curriculum
STC has been gradually increasing opportunities for students to train for the green economy. Their current offering of clean-economy themed face-to-face classes include:

~ Plumber’s Helper (Energy Saving Faucets, Dual Flush and High Efficency Toilets, Efficient Showerheads and Washing Machines, Hot Water Line Insulation, Hot Water Circulators, Tankless Water Heaters)
~ Eletrician’s Helper(Flourescent v. Incandescent, Air Movement, Window and Exterior Door Ratings, Insulationg and Caulking of Windows and Doors, and Attic Insulation),
~ HVAC and Refrigeration Technician’s Assistant (Equipment Performance Analysis, Determining Equipment Energy Consumption, Load Calculations for Equipment Selection, Installation practices for proper system Installation). 

STC also offers many online certificate programs, listed under Sustainable Energy and Going Green including:

  • Biofuel Production Operations,
  • Building Analyst Quick Start,
  • Certified Green Supply Chain Professional,
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager,
  • Certified Indoor Environmentalist,
  • Natural Gas Plant Operations,
  • Performing Comprehensive Building Assessments,
  • Principles of Green Buildings,
  • Senior Certified Sustainability Professional,
  • Solar Power Professional,
  • Wind Energy Professional.

Sustainability in campus operations
STC has also been making steady progress on greening their operations. The Go-Green Project has targeted greening IT operations including digitalizing payroll as well as expanding and promoting the use of JagMail, online tuition statements, and other online services available via JagNet.

South Texas College strives to design/engineer each construction project to include up to date systems that help improve efficiency in use of energy. The College has included in its master plan the design and construction of Central Thermal Energy Plants for two of its five campuses to reduce energy consumption. Currently these two campuses operate on a combination of HVAC systems. By readapting both campus facilities to operate from one Central Thermal Energy Thermal Plant system, improvements will be made on the efficiency and sustainability for use of energy. Opportunities during the design and construction of these projects, and other future projects, will be made available to students enrolled in related academic programs for hands on training. Students learn and the whole campus benefits!

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