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Fundraising Tips for Hike & Seek

father and sons climbingWhen you registered for Hike & Seek, a Participant Center was created just for you. It’s an easy way to raise funds! You can customize your fundraising page with messages and photos, or use the content we’ve provided.

Reach out to your friends, family and co-workers online (save stamps!) and in person. Use the email templates to contact everyone you know—you’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how quickly the donations bring you closer to your goal. Your Participant Center will help you track your donors and send thank you notes via email upon receiving donations. Your donors will also receive an automatic confirmation email receipt for tax purposes.

Even More Tips...

The #1 reason people donate is because they are simply asked!

Easy Eight - 8 Easy Ways to Raise $100

  1. Donate $20 to yourself
  2. Ask your significant other for $10
  3. Ask one friend for $20
  4. Ask 2 co-workers for $10 each
  5. Ask 1 neighbor for $10
  6. Ask your hairstylist for $10
  7. Ask 1 family member for $10
Total = $100! Easy, plus you’ve earned yourself the new Hike & Seek t-shirt (kids sizes too)!


Tips for Team Fundraising . . .

As a team or individual, get creative and build team spirit for Hike & Seek!

  1. Theme Parties (great for kids’ birthdays)
  2. Bake/Book Sales
  3. Garage Sales (recycle!)
  4. Potluck Dinners (ask your neighbors)
  5. Restaurant Benefit Nights (they’re everywhere)
  6. Candy Sales
  7. Make Posts through Facebook and Twitter


One Last Tip...

Matching Gifts – take advantage of corporate matching gift programs and you can double or triple your donations. Matching gifts may be available to you or your donors. Ask your company’s HR department to see if they participate.

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