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Tips for Nature Walks

Get ready to explore the natural world around you!girl exploring


We will walk rain or shine, so be prepared for varying weather conditions. Check the weather ahead of time to know what you can expect on the day. It's not a bad idea to pack a hooded rain jacket, ponchos, umbrellas, or other protective rain gear. And remember, it can be chilly in the early morning, so dress in layers.


You don't need to go out and buy hiking boots, but comfortable shoes for walking are a must! An extra pair of socks may be nice to bring along just in case they get wet. Who likes soggy socks?

Water and Refreshments

There will be water available, but please help us conserve and bring along your own water bottles. Hydration is key throughout the day, so drink plenty of water. And of course, there are restrooms/portajohns along the way.

Pack a light snack for the kids or you can bring a picnic lunch for after the walk. There are plenty of shaded areas to picnic.

Pets, Strollers, Bicycles and Skates

We strongly encourage you to help us provide the safest route for all of our participants by leaving your pets, bicycles and skates at home. Strollers are allowed, however all trails are unpaved with the exception of Seattle. For those joining us in our Gaithersburg, MD (DC) location, please be aware that the trail can be narrow and steep in some spots. Email us if you have questions.

Nature Walks with Kids

When planning for the day, make sure to take into consideration that you may need to:

  • Bring water and break frequently to drink
  • Use treats and praise for positive reinforcement
  • Keep your group entertained by counting: count birds, flowers, or the steps to the top of the hill
  • Have fun: sing songs, tell stories, play "I Spy"
  • When resting, allow children to roam: explore under the rocks, catch and release bugs and frogs, look for animal tracks, etc.
  • When you reach the end -- celebrate! Take a photo to recognize their accomplishment
Hike and Seek

Nature Walk Rules:

  • Be polite- remember you are walking through someone else's living room. Additionally, allow groups moving faster to pass around you.
  • Take only pictures; leave only footprints and kill only time. In other words, if you take it in, take it out. Be kind to the beautiful surroundings -- help preserve for future generations.
  • Stay on the trail.


From FalconGuides Hiking with Kids, 2nd ed by Robin Tawney Nichols Copyright (c) 2007 by Morris Book Publishing, LLC. Used by permission of FalconGuides

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