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Why Participate in Hike & Seek

acorn in childs hand

Take a Breath

Life is so busy - it can be hard to make time for a walk.

But it’s important.

It’s important to be together for a few moments and remember good things!

Come to Hike & Seek for such a moment.


Get Help with all the “Why” Questions

Do you have a little one who is always asking why? Why do some seeds float and some pop? Why do snakes shed their skin? Why do caterpillars become butterflies?

Our naturalists LOVE answering all the whys. Building your child’s curiosity is their favorite thing to do. Walk right up to our Stop & Study Stations and, by proxy, you'll be a wildlife genius.

Your family will learn about wildlife by touching and moving things. Get your superpowers (i.e. your five senses) ready for action!


Go At Your Own Pace

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Let us expand your list of favorite outdoor activities.

Are you a nature novice? Let us take care of everything - you don't need to know how to identify a tree or have any squirrel fun facts at the ready - we'll provide it all. 

Take the trail as fast or slow as you want. Get rid of the normal distractions. Pack a snack & go at your child’s pace for a relaxing morning together.

You know what you’ll remember the most? Those quiet moments, sitting on a log, as the sun filters down through the trees and puts sparkles in your eyes.


Create an Unforgettable Adventure

Would you like to add a little more magic to your child’s life?

Hike & Seek is packed with magical moments. A photo with wildlife superstar Ranger Rick becomes a keepsake and daily reminder that everyone can help wildlife. A rubbing of an animal track gets compared to the feet of the family pet. A Junior Naturalist badge gets tucked into the special memories box.

Just think about the stories you’ll share at bedtime! Did you get to hold a turtle? Were you surprised how big the hawk was? Tell me about these wonderful things you collected here in your box on the bedside table, filled with pebbles, leaves and drawings of animals.


Get Active

Have you noticed - the hardest part about getting fit is getting out the door! Once you are on the trail, “fitness” is far from your mind. It’s happening with minimal effort on your part. It’s just a gorgeous day in a gorgeous place. It will be the easiest path to 10,000 steps that you ever took.

Help Wildlife

Your ticket fees contribute to National Wildlife Federation's programs, to inspire Americans to protect wildlife. How cool is that! You get a great day outside while helping wildlife. You can also make an additional donation to support this important work.

And every person who attends Hike & Seek is inspired to help wildlife - so just coming out makes so much difference!

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