Boat going through algal bloom

Foul-Water Season

By Laura Tangley

Increasing in size and severity, harmful algal blooms threaten both wildlife and people

California droughts

When Water Is Gone

By Paul Tolmé

Historic drought leaves western wildlife desperate for a drink


Close Encounter

By Doug Perrine, Photographs by Doug Perrine and Brandon Cole

Coming eye to eye with the world's most mysterious whales

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Wildlife Gardening

Monarch on milkweed by Victor R. Quintanilla

Battle For Butterflies

Gardeners join the fight to bring back North America's disappearing migratory monarchs.

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sea turtle

Water and Wildlife

See some stunning images that celebrate the beauty of our wet world.

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River otters

An Otterly Amazing Comeback

The North American river otter has returned to many U.S. states, only to once again be fighting old adversaries.​

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Birds & Birding

Anna's Hummingbird by Jim Burns

Helping Birds Beat the Heat

Our feathered friends could use a little help from humans during the long, hot summer.

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