Mallard duckling

National Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

By Mark Wexler

See the winners from the 44th annual National Wildlife Photo Contest chosen by our judges from 29,000 entries.

Delta Ducks

A Vanishing Mississippi River Delta

By Laura Tangley

The Federation and its partners are working to restore critical winter habitat for millions of migratory waterfowl.

Mule Deer Buck

Mule Deer Decline

By Chris Madson

A treasured icon of the West, the mule deer nevertheless is a species in crisis.

Griffith Park Mountain Lion, P22

The Ultimate Urban Cats

By Anne Bolen

The Federation is supporting research about one of Hollywood's most secretive stars, a mountain lion, and his feline relatives to help these and other animals survive city life.

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Wildlife Gardening

American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Set a Winter Table For Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the native flowers in your garden, leave seed heads and stalks standing until spring for wildlife to feast on.

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Stellar sea lion

10 Animals Striking a Pose

Some animals in the entries to our annual National Wildlife Photo Contest look like they're almost posing for the photographers. See the gallery and get some ideas for your own wildlife photos.

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Black bear at backyard feeder

When Carnivores Come Calling

Homeowners who live in areas where predators range can still have safe, wildlife-friendly yards.​

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Birds & Birding

Northern Pintails by Donna E. Yount

Making the Most of Migration

A top North American birder shares tips for finding birds during the migration season.

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