Great horned owl

2015 Photo Contest Winners

By Mark Wexler

See award-winning images from National Wildlife's 45th annual photo contest

Brazil beef and leather

Ranch Reform

By Roger Di Silvestro

How the sellers of Brazilian beef, leather and other cattle products are convincing ranchers to stop razing the Amazon


Too Prized to Survive?

By Sara Mizzi

Now the most poached mammals on Earth, pangolins face extinction unless conservationists act quickly

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Wildlife Gardening

American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Set a Winter Table For Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the flowers in your garden, leave seed heads and stalks standing until spring for native wildlife to feast on.

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sea turtle

Water and Wildlife

See some stunning images that celebrate the beauty of our wet world.

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River otters

An Otterly Amazing Comeback

The North American river otter has returned to many U.S. states, only to once again be fighting old adversaries.‚Äč

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Birds & Birding

Attwater's Prairie Chicken by Noppadol Paothong

Prairie Dancers

For more than a decade, a photographer has documented the magical mating rituals of grassland grouse.

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