Native bees

Being There for Bees

By Laura Tangley / Photographs by Clay Bolt

Native bees face many threats, but gardeners can help these indispensable pollinators

Sideroad habitats

Habitat Highways

By Doreen Cubie

Roadsides can provide vital sanctuaries for pollinators and other wildlife


More Than Cute

By Lynne Warren

Chipmunks take on their world with resolutely individual attitudes

Growing a Better Bird Feeder

Growing a Better Bird Feeder

By Mark Wexler

A new online tool helps gardeners pick the best native plants to help backyard birds

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Wildlife Gardening

Monarch caterpillar by Kimberly R. Brook

Cater to Caterpillars!

To help monarchs and other butterflies, plant the host plants that are their caterpillars' favorite foods.

Visit Wildlife Gardening.


sea turtle

Water and Wildlife

See some stunning images that celebrate the beauty of our wet world.

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hibernating ground squirrel

The Big Sleep

Scientists studying hibernation in mammals are finding promise for human medical applications.

Visit Animals.

Birds & Birding

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Make the Most of Migration

A top birder shares tips for spotting birds during their spring migration.

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