Ah, Wilderness

By Paul Tolmé

After half a century, the U.S. Wilderness Act is safeguarding roadless areas, but many premier wild lands still lack the law’s protection

Moose wading

A Deepening Mystery

By John Carey

Biologists are having a hard time pinning down the cause of a moose decline that imperils the species’ survival in several states

A Tale of Two Cranes

By Michael Lipske

Threatened by water diversions in key habitats, both sandhill and whooping cranes have benefited from decades of work by NWF and its partners to keep the water flowing

Nortn Atlantic Right Whale

Whale-Friendly Wind Power

By Doug Stewart

NWF and its partners have brokered landmark agreements that help protect endangered North Atlantic right whales

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Wildlife Gardening

Bumblebee by Julie Chen

The Buzz About Bumble Bees

Across North America, bumble bees are in trouble, but gardeners can help these critical pollinators.

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Stellar sea lion

10 Animals Striking a Pose

Some animals in the entries to our annual National Wildlife Photo Contest look like they're almost posing for the photographers. See the gallery and get some ideas for your own wildlife photos.

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Seeing Sea Turtles

Check out these easy-to-reach spots in the Southeast to see nesting sea turtles.

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Birds & Birding

Rufous Hummingbirds by Gerri Levine

The Case For Summer Feeding

Feeders help nurture our feathered friends during the warm months while providing hours of bird-watching pleasure.

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