Home on the Sage

By Ted Williams

A historic effort to conserve sagebrush habitat has kept the greater sage-grouse off the U.S. endangered species list, raising hopes—and questions—about new approaches to species conservation


A Flight for Their Lives

By Doreen Cubie

Millions of bats have died from white-nose syndrome, but scientists are striving to slow the fungus down


Loss of the Wild

By Brandon Butler

The rise of private industry to breed, sell and shoot captive cervids is raising concerns about disease—and harming the nation’s hunting heritage

Beyond Politics

By Adam Kolton

It’s critical that the nation’s next administration and Congress tackle our toughest conservation challenges—leaving a legacy for wildlife

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Wildlife Gardening

Butterfly on Coneflower

Native, or Not So Much?

Native plants transformed into flashy "nativars" may look pretty, but are they good for wildlife?

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Gentoo Penguin and nearby photographer

Nature Photography!

See some stunning images from past National Wildlife Photo Contests.

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Toad by Heather Howard

Ways Animals Beat the Heat

From birds to amphibians to humans, animals have developed strategies for keeping cool in hot weather.‚Äč

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Birds & Birding

Prothonotary Warbler by Doug Tallamy

Grow a Better Bird Feeder

How gardeners can pick the best native plants to help backyard birds.

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