Living Light

By Anne Bolen

Bewildering and beguiling, glowing organisms have captured our curiosity for centuries, yet scientists are still discovering how they glow—and why


Beyond the Bee

By Laura Tangley

From flies to bats to lizards, our special summer photo gallery captures the diversity of animals that pollinate the world’s plants


Embattled Bighorns

By Michael Tennesen

Drastic steps to save bighorn sheep lead to clashes and compromise across the West

Spirit bear

Keeping the Wild in Wildlife Photography

By Melissa Groo

Authentic nature photography that helps—rather than harms—wildlife conservation

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Wildlife Gardening

Prothonotary Warbler by Doug Tallamy

Grow a Better Bird Feeder

How gardeners can pick the best native plants to help backyard birds.

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sea turtle

Water and Wildlife

See some stunning images that celebrate the beauty of our wet world.

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hibernating ground squirrel

The Big Sleep

Scientists studying hibernation in mammals are finding promise for human medical applications.

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Birds & Birding

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Make the Most of Migration

A top birder shares tips for spotting birds during their spring migration.

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