Home at Last

By Judith Kohler

After 131 years, bison return to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, helping restore an ecosystem—and heal the past


Arrested Recovery

By Laura Tangley

The spectacular comeback of the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle has hit a roadblock, with the 2010 Gulf oil spill fingered as a primary suspect


Working Lands as Wild Lands

By Matthew Cimitile

When private landowners commit to stewardship, grassland wildlife thrive


Silent Seashores?

By Cynthia Berger

Scientists and conservationists team up to protect imperiled migratory shorebirds

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Wildlife Gardening

Firefly flashing, Iowa backyard

Bringing Back the Light

Amid reports of firefly declines, you can help these iconic summer insects in your own backyard.

Visit Wildlife Gardening.


teenage boy photographing subject with smart phone

Getting Youth to Focus on Nature

Seven tips from a pro for turning tech-fixated kids into wildlife-savvy shutterbugs.

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Total Solar eclipse

The Day the Sun Disappears

It’s coming! On August 21, for the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse will cross our nation.

Visit Animals.

Birds & Birding

Rufous Hummingbird by Alandra Palisser

Helping Backyard Birds Beat the Heat

Equipped with adaptations for keeping cool, birds still can use some help from humans during the long, hot summer.

Visit Birds & Birding.


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