Nature’s Witnesses

By Lynne Warren

Powerful images of wilderness can inspire conservation action. “Take a look,” they say. “Then take a stand.”


Peril at Journey’s End

By Janet Marinelli

Fluttering down for the winter from as far as southern Canada, monarch butterflies face growing threats in their Mexican mountain sanctuaries


Coyote Nation

By Clara MacCarald

Once restricted to the continent’s midsection, this adaptable predator now roams from coast to coast

Winter bird feeding

Bird Feeding: No Feeders Required

By Melissa Mayntz

If bird feeders are against the rules—or impractical—natural foods provide the perfect alternative

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Wildlife Gardening

Cedar Waxwing by Marlene Ralph

Helping Birds Cope with the Cold

Native trees provide wildlife a steady supply of food and shelter from harsh weather conditions.

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Arctic Fox Pup

Wonderlands to Welcome Winter!

Winter months can be majestic and peaceful throughout the natural world. To usher in winter, check out these photos from past National Wildlife Photo Contest.

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Meadow vole in winter

Probing the Hidden World of Snow

Beneath winter's white blanket lies a complex community of creatures for which snow means warmth and shelter.​

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Birds & Birding


How Birds Weather the Winter

How birds stay warm in winter, and how humans can help.

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