Camping and wildlife at night

Nocturnal Creatures

By Laura Tangley

From backyard to backcountry wilderness, campers may spot—and photograph—a surprising cast of nighttime wildlife

Showing Big Cats to Save Them

By Lisa Moore, Photographs by Steve Winter

Wildlife photographer Steve Winter puts wild cats in public view to promote concern and conservation

Nesting Birds Caught in the Act

By Mark Wexler

From courtship to nesting to rearing young, photographs from our members capture magic moments in the lives of breeding birds 

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Wildlife Gardening

Carolina Chickadee by Doug Tallamy

Why Birds Need Native Trees

The Carolina chickadee is giving scientists a model to study the impact of nonnative trees on the food available for breeding songbirds.

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Stellar sea lion

Ten Animals Striking a Pose

Some animals in the entries to our annual National Wildlife Photo Contest look like they're almost posing for the photographers. See the gallery and get some ideas for your own wildlife photos.

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California Red-legged Frog

Ten Tips to Give Frogs a Landing Pad

Creating a small wetland is easier than you think and can go a long way to help struggling amphibians and other wildlife.​

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Birds & Birding

Painted Bunting by Howard Cheek

Top Spring Birding Spots

Six distinguished birders reveal their favorite places to watch birds during their spring migration.

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