Nature’s Witnesses

By Lynne Warren

Powerful images of wilderness can inspire conservation action. “Take a look,” they say. “Then take a stand.”


Peril at Journey’s End

By Janet Marinelli

Fluttering down for the winter from as far as southern Canada, monarch butterflies face growing threats in their Mexican mountain sanctuaries


Coyote Nation

By Clara MacCarald

Once restricted to the continent’s midsection, this adaptable predator now roams from coast to coast

Winter bird feeding

Bird Feeding: No Feeders Required

By Melissa Mayntz

If bird feeders are against the rules—or impractical—natural foods provide the perfect alternative

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Wildlife Gardening

Marbled salamander

Why You Should Leave the Leaves

Savvy gardeners know that keeping fallen leaves on their property benefits wildlife and the environment.

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Bald Eagle with catch in fall landscape

Fall Nature Photography!

Changing colors, wildlife migrations, and cooler temperatures make fall one of the most exciting seasons for photography.

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mule deer

Mule Deer on the Move

Read about the longest land migration in the Lower 48 and what is causing the decline of these iconic western animals.​

Visit Animals.

Birds & Birding

Atlantic Puffins

Nesting Birds Caught in the Act

From courtship to nesting to rearing young, photographs from our members capture magic moments in the lives of breeding birds.

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