Members Photos Mammals

Mammals in Motion

By Lisa Moore

Nine amazing images capture a law of nature: Survival demands movement


Nature's Jewels

By Anne Bolen

More than mere decoration, iridescent hues often serve a vital purpose

Fire Management

Scorched Earth

By Paul Tolmé

With new “megafires” altering our forests, scientists scramble to understand impacts on wildlife while trying to harness fire to benefit both animals and people

Solar eclipse

Natural Wonders: The Day the Sun Disappears

By Charles Fulco

It’s coming! On August 21, for the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse will cross our nation

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Wildlife Gardening

Gardening with Kids

9 Tips for Gardening with Kids

One of the best things you can cultivate in your yard is a new wildlife gardener.

Visit Wildlife Gardening.


Fireflies surround tent

Nighttime Wildlife

From backyards to backcountry wilderness, campers may spot—and photograph—a surprising cast of nocturnal creatures.

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Chimp mom teaches young

Do Animals Teach?

Researchers are discovering how some species actively instruct their young.

Visit Animals.

Birds & Birding

Cedar Waxwing

Going Native

Exotic garden plants can wreak unexpected havoc with indigenous species and ecosystems.

Visit Birds & Birding.


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