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An Inspiring Tale of a Tail

Winter, the only dolphin fitted with a prosthetic tail fluke, is not only an acclaimed movie star in "Dolphin Tail" but an inspiration to humans.


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Getting to Know Wildlife

Seeing Sea Turtles

Check out these easy-to-reach spots in the Southeast to see nesting sea turtles.

Wildlife Conservation

Saving the Red Wolf

Coyotes and poaching threaten the only U.S. red wolf population, but NWF and its North Carolina affiliate are helping to save them.

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Cat's Cradle

South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, an NWF Certified Community, is home to one of the United States' densest bobcat populations.​

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craigslist founder Craig Newmark

A Virtual World to Solve Real Problems

Founder of craigslist branches out to help squirrels, owls and people.

Final Frame


A tiny Arctic tern bites off more fish than it can swallow in this feeding-frenzy photo.

Animal Puzzler

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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