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Mountain lion P22 outside Los Angeles

The Ultimate Urban Cats

The Federation is supporting research to help one of Hollywood’s most secretive stars and his mountain lion relatives survive city life

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Wildlife Conservation

mule deer

Mule Deer Decline

A treasured icon of the West, the mule deer nevertheless is a species in crisis.

Animal Behavior

hibernating ground squirrel

The Big Sleep

Scientists studying hibernation in mammals are finding promise for human medical applications.

Photo Story

An Alaskan polar bear cub plays with a strip of whale baleen

Alaska's Polar Bears on the Edge

Photographer Steven Kazlowski has spent 13 years capturing images of polar bears, learning many of their secrets and the dangers they face.​

NWF Supporter

Mary Pope Osborne

Revealing the World's Magic

Renowned children's author Mary Pope Osborne gives the gift of reading and nature.

Final Frame

Short-eared owl

Owl Contortionist

A photographer captures a remarkable image of a nimble short-eared owl in Kuwait.

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What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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