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Photo Gallery of Nighttime Wildlife

From backyards to backcountry wilderness, campers may spot—and photograph—a surprising cast of nocturnal creatures.

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Conservation Photography

Leaping jaguar

Showing Big Cats to Save Them

Wildlife photographer Steve Winter puts wild cats in public view to promote concern and conservation.

Garden for Wildlife

California Red-legged Frog

Ten Tips to Give Frogs a Landing Pad

Creating a small wetland is easier than you think and can go a long way to help struggling amphibians and other wildlife.​

Special Report

Kemp's ridley jeuvenille sea turtle swimming

Five Years After BP Oil Spill

In spite of BP's claims that the Gulf of Mexico is "rebounding," the region's wildlife are still suffering.​

NWF Supporter

Mary Pope Osborne

Revealing the World's Magic

Renowned children's author Mary Pope Osborne gives the gift of reading and nature.

NWF and Partners in Action

A monarch butterfly migrates

Battle for Butterflies

The fight to bring back North America's dwindling migratory monarchs.

Animal Puzzler

whale throat groves

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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