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Sandhill Cranes by Myrnia Erler-Bradshaw

A Tale of Two Cranes

By Michael Lipske

Threatened by water diversions in key habitats, both sandhill and whooping cranes have benefited from decades of work by NWF and its partners to keep the water flowing.

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Christine Sheppard American Bird Conservancy

Searching for Bird-Safe Windows

With building collisions killing up to a billion birds a year, scientists strive to make safer glass that wary consumers will agree to use in windows.

Gardening for Birds

Baltimore Oriole by Lynn Cleveland

Birds and Climate Change

As more birds alter their ranges to cope with a warming climate, you can take steps in your yard to help the animals survive.


Bald eagle

Eight Great Places to See Migratory Birds

Some of the nation's top birders share their favorite destinations.


'I'iwi by Jack Jeffrey

Restoring Ancient Partnerships

Decades of conservation have reunited three of Hawai‘i’s most endangered plants with birds coevolved to pollinate and disperse them.

Habitat Tips

Northern Cardinal by Michael A. Denardo

How to Steer Birds Clear of Windows

While scientists work to develop safer glass, experts offer tips for homeowners who want to minimize bird-window strikes.

Bird Photography

Roseate Spoonbills by Sara Lopez

Photo Gallery

A collection of images showing seven bird species NWF has helped to protect.

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