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How Birds Weather Winter

By Melissa Mayntz

Fatty foods and fluffy feathers benefit cold birds, but they still can use our help.

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Bohemian Waxwing

Bird Feeding: No Feeders Required

If bird feeders are against the rules--or impractical--natural foods provide the perfect alternative.

Habitat Tips

Cedar Waxwing by Marlene Ralph

Helping Birds Cope with the Cold

Native trees provide wildlife a steady supply of food and shelter from harsh weather conditions.

Bird Behavior

Painted Bunting by Howard Cheek

True Colors

Thanks to their ultraviolet vision, birds see the world very differently than we do.



Malheur Refuge on the Rebound

One year after a destructive, armed takeover, this key western bird oasis is reawakening.


Northern Pintails by Donna E. Yount

Making the Most of Migration

A top birder shares tips for finding birds during their fall migration.

Bird Photography


Candid Cameras

Three nature photographers share their secrets for getting great images of backyard birds.

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