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Emperor Dragonfly by Ross Hoddinott (2020 Vision/Corbis)

Dangerous Beauties

By Natalie Angier

Despite their dainty appearance, dragonflies are voracious predators and among the animal kingdom's most effective hunters.

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Rufous Hummingbird by Alandra Palisser

Helping Birds Beat the Heat

Equipped with adaptations for keeping cool, birds still can use some help from humans during the long, hot summer.

Community Gardening

John's Creek, Georgia, Community Wildlife Habitat by Cathy Barnard

Communities Gone Wild

From tiny towns to major cities, NWF community habitats nurture native wildlife nationwide.

Garden Visitors

Raccoons by Jean Thorne

A League of Their Own

As the carnivores increase in urban areas, biologists are discovering that raccoons lead lives far different than what we once believed.

Fall Migration

Monarch on goldenrod by Laura Tangley

Get Ready For Monarch Migration

You can help monarchs this month by planting milkweeds and late-blooming nectar plants to fuel the butterflies’ upcoming journeys.

Habitat Tips

Squirrel Raiding Hummingbird Feeder by Tammi Elbert

Thwarting Backyard Squirrels

Tips to outwit these clever thieves at your bird feeders.

Garden Photography

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Backyard Photo Tips

If you're just getting started in wildlife photography, the birds that visit your backyard may be your best subjects.

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