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Bumblebee by Josh Mayes

The Buzz On Bumblebees

By Laura Tangley

Across North America and beyond, bumblebees are in trouble. The good news is that gardeners can help these critical pollinators by eliminating pesticides and providing feeding, nesting and overwintering habitat.

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John's Creek, Georgia, Community Wildlife Habitat by Cathy Barnard

Communities Gone Wild

From tiny towns to big cities, NWF community habitats are nurturing native wildlife nationwide.


American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Gardening For Climate Change

While birds alter their ranges to cope with global warming, you can take steps in your own yard to help these animals survive the changes ahead.

Garden Visitors

Raccoons by Jean Thorne

A League of Their Own

As the carnivores increase in urban areas, biologists are discovering that raccoons lead lives far different than what we once believed.

Native Plants

Monarch on milkweed by Victor R. Quintanilla

Catering to Butterfly Royalty

Gardeners can help monarch butterflies by planting the native milkweeds their larvae depend on.

Habitat Tips

Eastern Bluebird by Thomas McDowell

Choose the Right Birdhouse

Spring is a great time of year to install nest boxes for birds that visit your property.

Backyard Photography

Hoverfly by John Theberge

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