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Carolina Chickadee by Doug Tallamy

Why Birds Need Native Trees

By Laura Tangley

A common backyard species, the Carolina chickadee gives scientists a model to study the impact of nonnative trees on the food available for breeding birds.

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John Heinz National Wildife Refuge/National Wildlife Refuge System

Urban Biodiversity

New research shows that cities and suburbs support a surprising wealth of wildlife species.

Habitat Tips

Cedar Waxwing by Marlene Ralph

Help Wildlife Cope With Cold

By providing a steady supply of food and shelter, junipers give wildlife a big boost during the winter months.

Winter Gardens

American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Set a Winter Table for Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the native flowers in your garden, leave seed heads and stalks standing until spring for wildlife to feast on.

Backyard Birding

Bird Feeder by Martha Allen Butler/Project Feederwatch

Birds Pushing North

As winters get warmer, species once rare at northern feeders are becoming more common during the cold months.

Outdoor Activities

Opossum by Jonathan S. Schecter

Become a Wildlife Watcher

By observing patterns of growth and behavior, you can make your yard more inviting to wild animal visitors.

Plant Photography

Bulbophyllum lobbi by Christian Ziegler

Pretty As A Picture

A photographer visits five continents to capture the beauty and diversity of orchids, among the most adaptable plants on Earth.

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