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Monarch butterfly on Goldenrod

Worth Their Weight in Gold

By Mark Wexler

Belying a bad reputation, goldenrods do not trigger allergies—but do benefit pollinators.

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Firefly flashing, Iowa backyard

Bringing Back the Light

Amid reports of firefly declines, you can help these iconic summer insects in your own backyard.

Gardening Tips

Gardening for Climate Change

As more birds alter their ranges to cope with a warming climate, you can take steps in your yard to help the animals survive.


Green Roof by Dustin Partridge

Wildlife Oases in New York's Concrete Jungle

A resourceful researcher discovers that urban green roofs attract surprisingly large numbers of migratory birds and their insect prey.

Backyard Visitors

Certified Wildlife Habitat sign by Thurston House

5 Ways to Enjoy Nature in Your Own Backyard

Simple tips for attracting birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Healthy Gardening

Mosquito Adult

Habitat Help in the Age of Zika

As peak mosquito season arrives, take steps to prevent disease without killing off the good bugs.

Backyard Photography

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Backyards + Birds = Pretty Pictures

If you are just getting started in wildlife photography, the birds that visit your backyard may be your best subjects.

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