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spotted lady bug

Creating a Haven for Beneficial Bugs

By Janet Marinelli

How to attract insects that will prey on plant-eating pests.

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Ann Arbor Farm

Nature's Unexpected Bounties

Extraordinary NWF certified gardens are providing harmony and healing as well as habitat.

Backyard Visitors


Raccoons: A League of Their Own

As urban raccoon populations grow, biologists are discovering these masked carnivores lead surprising lives.

Gardening Tips

Rain Garden

Gardening for Wildlife: Corralling the Rain

Rain gardens offer a natural solution to runoff pollution.



Buying Local, Boosting Wildlife

Innovative farm programs operated by conservation groups and other community organizations are helping wildlife and people.

Healthy Gardening

Plant seedlings by Richard Thomas

Get Your Garden Growing in Winter

Start seeds indoors to give wildlife-friendly plants with long growing seasons a head start.

Backyard Photography

Anna's Hummingbird

Backyard Wildlife: A Photo Celebration

View a slide show of wildlife garden images.

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