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Community Habitats

Earn NWF’s Wildlife-Friendly Certification for Your Community

Community Habitats

The National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Community Wildlife Habitat program empowers citizen leaders to take action for wildlife in their own communities. The program provides these leaders with a framework to restore wildlife habitat and educate and engage community members while working to attain NWF’s esteemed certification as a wildlife-friendly community.

Communities of all sizes are encourage to apply. We work with large cities and counties as well as small towns and neighborhoods.

To achieve certification through the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program, you must meet two sets of goals.

First, a certain number of homes, schools and common areas must become NWF Certified Wildlife Habitats by providing the 4 basic elements that all wildlife need: food, water, cover and places to raise young. The NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat program also requires sustainable gardening practices such as using rain barrels, reducing water usage, removing invasive plants, using native plants and eliminating pesticides. These requirements are based on population and you can read more here.

Second, communities earn education and outreach points through a flexible checklist that includes educating citizens at community events, hosting a native plant sale, organizing a stream clean up, bringing new partners to the effort and hosting workshops.

The NWF Community Wildlife Habitat program allows communities to customize or emphasize local priorities. Some communities focus on water conservation measures by installing rain gardens to prevent storm water runoff. Others focus on creating wildlife corridors by connecting parks and riparian areas to new Certified Wildlife Habitats in the same area. Still others use the program to engage citizens around the importance of using drought-resistant native plants or reducing the use of pesticides and chemicals. Successful community efforts engage many local partners in their work.

NWF supports community teams to meet their goals and attain certification.

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Interested? Tell us a little more about your community. A NWF staff member will be in contact with you within 5 business days.

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